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  • 17th Oct 2016 Specialist Engravers to Architects and Designers Specialist Engravers to Architects and Designers
    As leading commercial and industrial engraving specialists, we are comissioned to work on many projects with architects and designers. If your company is looking for an engraved piece as part of their work, here's some more information regarding our services and work at the Brunel Engraving Company.
  • 19th Aug 2016 Recent Memorial Work Recent Memorial Work
    Recent Memorial WorkWe love the range of projects we are asked to work on - from office signs and memorabilia to industrial engraving in automotive fields, there’s a constant flow of exciting ideas coming our way. Recently, we’ve been asked to engrave a variety of memorial plaques to commemorate a series of subjects. Here’s a few images our customers sent us of the finished ...... Read more
  • 17th Aug 2016 The MG Abingdon Edition Roadster The MG Abingdon Edition Roadster
    A little while ago we were asked to help out on one of the most stunning projects we’ve ever had the project of working on - the engraving of sill plates for the MG Abingdon Edition, created by Frontline Developments.Taking the look of the classic MGB Roadster but switching the original engine for a much larger, brand new 2.5ltr one, the MG Abingdon Edition is a modern trium...... Read more
  • 26th Feb 2016 Chemical Etching Benefits Chemical Etching Benefits
    At Brunel Engraving Company we continously strive to be the best at Quality and Efficiency for our customers.Chemical Etching allows us to provide a high standard of service by delivering superior results over traditional metal engraving techniques. We can produce a smooth bur free finish and allows us to engrave different levels of detail. Larger quantities can be completed...... Read more
  • 4th Nov 2015 Keeping up with Technology Keeping up with Technology
    Why is it important to keep up with new technologies?  We spoke with owner and director of Brunel Engraving, Martyn Wright, on the importance of keeping up with new technologies in a constantly changing market.