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The Royal Parks Foundation - The Isis Statue

The Royal Parks Foundation - The Isis Statue

On the shores of the Serpentine in Hyde Park, overlooking the lake and the Diana Memorial Fountain, stands the beautiful sculpture, Isis. Created by British sculptor Simon Gudgeon and donated by Halcyon Gallery as the figurehead of an ambitious appeal to raise £2.2 million towards the new Isis Education Centre.

Brunel Engraving Company undertook the commission to engrave all the 1000 inscriptions around the base of the Isis Statue which is situated near the Serpentine Bridge in Hyde Park.

The inscriptions, each 125mm in width, were engraved on three Fibonacci curves and 4 outer rings of stainless steel totalling over 125 metres.

Click her for more information http://www.supporttheroyalparks.org/explore/isis

The Royal Parks Foundation is responsible for looking after London's eight amazing Royal Parks, 5,000 acres of carefully conserved urban parkland, home to hundreds of thousands of trees, plants and wildlife, plus numerous historic monuments and of course more than 37 million visitors each year, is no small task.

Can you imagine London without The Royal Parks? It would be a very different place. If you love the Parks too, support them today





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