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What Plaque Material is Best for Me? - Our Comparison Chart

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What Plaque Material is Best for Me? - Our Comparison Chart

Navigating the Options: What Material is Best for My Plaque or Sign?

With an array of options at your fingertips, it's only natural to wonder, "Which material is the best fit for me?" Are you leaning towards timeless brass or the modern allure of stainless steel? Does the classic warmth of slate resonate with your vision, or is the sleek sophistication of corian more in line with your style?


In the world of craftsmanship and personalisation, choosing the right material for your plaques and signs can make all the difference. As an engraving company committed to elevating your message through precision and artistry, we understand that the choice of material goes beyond mere aesthetics—it's about durability, elegance, and the lasting impression you want to leave.


Below is our comparison table of the nine distinct materials we offer. From thickness to engraving & print capabilities, each material has its own unique characteristics that cater to a range of preferences and purposes.


  Brass Aluminium Printed Aluminium Stainless Steel Lasered Stainless Steel Natural Slate Corian Cast Acrylic Impact Acrylic
Thickness 1.5mm* 1.5mm* 1.5mm* 1.5mm* 1.5mm* 10mm 12mm 3mm 1.5mm
Solid Metal




Solid Stone    





Stone Effect                
Deep Engraved          
Laser Engraved            
Origin Germany Spain Belgium Finland Finland Brazil USA Belgium USA
Gold Coloured            
Silver Coloured      
Stone Coloured              
Range of Colours            
UV Stable
Low Maintenance  
Suitable For Harsh Conditions**            

*other thicknesses are available upon request    **Conditions such as coastal environments


Discover Your Perfect Material Today!

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