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Helping Customers Find Their Way

Helping Customers Find Their Way

Helping Customers Find Their Way

Whether you work in an office or a surgery, it’s important that customers, clients and patients can find their way around quickly and easily. Although signs mounted directly to doors or walls are a great way to inform people where they are, this isn’t necessarily the best method of guiding people through long and potentially busy corridors where signs might be obscured.

New to Brunel Engraving Company, hanging signs and projecting signs are great alternative ways to ensure visitors get from A to B without any unnecessary delays, both saving them time and enhancing their visit by making it as stress free as possible. We wanted to take a moment to introduce these new signs and explore how they can help you.


Slatz Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are a great way to direct people to specific areas, such as help desks and receptions, or to guide them at regular intervals in long corridors with multiple destinations. They’re  easily suspended from a ceiling with cables and come with all suitable fittings.

Printed single or double sided, supplied in various sizes these signs are clear and simple, making them easy to read from a distance.

To find out more, head to: brunelengraving.co.uk/prod/hanging-signs/slatz-hanging-sign

Projecting Signs

It’s important for visitors to be able to find specific rooms - this is why projecting signs play an important role in many schools, offices and laboratories. Installed safely above door frames and hallways each sign is supplied with an engraving on either side helping to clearly identify specific rooms from either direction along long corridors or office blocks.

Supplied in a crisp and clear impact acrylic in either stunning gold or silver finish, our projecting signs are a very smart and affordable way of helping visitors identify the room they’re looking for and improving their overall visit. Each sign is fully customisable to your own requirements with a variety of fonts to choose from

To find out more, head to: brunelengraving.co.uk/prod/projecting-signs/acrylic-projecting-signs



If you would like to explore our full range of office signs, from sliders to standoff signs, visit our website at brunelengraving.co.uk/cat/office-signs


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