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Instructions for fixing your Plaque and Backing Board...


Your plaque will arrive fixed to the backing board (unless self adhesive is requested).



Remove your plaque from the backing board and place the backing board in the position where it is to be sited.


We recommend that you avoid the pointing on brick walls and suggest that on stone walls that you drill where there are high spots, we do not drill the bases for these reasons.


Drill the backing board with a minimum of 3 screw holes, preferably 4 on plaque sizes 10” x 8” and above. (Please see the diagram below).


The hard wood bases are a solid wood and as such are affected by climatic changes and can therefore be subject to warping, fixing the base securely and in the manner described will assist in preventing this.


Screws and universal wall plugs are supplied with all hard wood bases to assist the fixing. When the backing board is fixed to the wall place your plaque onto the backing board and screw fix. The Plaque should cover the screws that fix the backing board to the wall as shown in the diagram below.






Posted by: Brunel Engraving