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Specialist Engravers to Architects and Designers

Specialist Engravers to Architects and Designers

As leading commercial and industrial engraving specialists, we are comissioned to work on many projects with architects and designers. If your company is looking for an engraved piece as part of their work, here's some more information on what we at Brunel can offer.

Expansion and Development

Originally specialising purely in engraving, we've moved into printing and etching to further extend its breadth of services. Our company is now established in a modern 5,000 square foot premises, the offices, workshop and design facility are all based on one site where the company today employs 27 local people.

Working with a range of clients, we've developed a unique portfolio and a reputation for excellence and are recognised as a preferred supplier to the Palace. To ensure we cover a variety of demands, we also have three dedicated websites (covering commercial, industrial and trophy engraving) and an extensive commercial engraving arm. Growth has been consistent over the years and we've had the pleasure of working with some fantastic companies including Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury and The Body Shop and prominent clients in the aerospace, mechanical and structural engineering and offshore oil industries. 

Innovation and Investment in Technology

Investment in the latest technology has effectively enabled us at Brunel Engraving to quadruple its output and has been a key factor in the company’s sustained success. In recent years over £100,000 has been spent on technologically advanced machinery including a state of the art chemical etching system, a Wide Format Sublimation printer and a Flat Bed UV printer and the latest computer controlled rotary and laser engraving machines.

The technologically advanced machinery used for producing printed metal labels, badges, name plates and exterior signs has made a significant impact on business, enabling us to undertake sophisticated print operations and to tackle the most complicated procedures with a quick response, increased production levels and improved overall quality.

We are able to meet a whole host of engraving needs from a wide spectrum of customers; from blue chip clients to small trophy shops which require an effective and competitive trade partner to fulfil their engraving orders.

Innovation keeps the business moving forward and new materials, additional features and techniques are constantly being introduced. Earlier this year, we added hard wearing acrylic based Corian to our product portfolio, as it retains its finish and doesn’t dull with age. We've also introduced the optional feature of including photographic imagery on its latest collection of quartz, slate, granite and marble effect commemorative and memorial plaques.

“The business today is significantly different to that of 1989”, says Brunel Engraving's founder, Martyn Wright.

“Not only do we use rotary engraving we now also have laser engraving, chemical etching, anodic print, dye sublimation print, flatbed UV print and wide format UV print."

“From the very start customer satisfaction has always been our priority and we pride ourselves on offering an individual bespoke service with a fast turnaround and attention to detail for all of its customers, however large or small”.

A Lasting Testament

Hard work, dedication to customer care and investment in cutting edge technology and staff development are the key to our sustained success over the years. Its work is in evidence throughout the whole of the country, from the inscriptions at the base of the beautiful Isis sculpture in London’s Hyde Park and those at the recently opened Shakespeare’s New Place to the Adlington War Memorial crafted in Quartz effect Corian. Each engraving is a lasting testament to the skill and dedication of this leading UK business.

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